Google is revealing Stadia game announcements, release dates and pricing on June 7

google stadia controller

In March, Google revealed a nifty little thing called Google Stadia. This innovative new gaming platform offers high quality gameplay on any device, be it phones, computers or even a smart TV. Obviously, several gamers would’ve been skeptical at this news, especially since it relies heavily on cloud streaming.

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We need more information such as release dates, pricing, games and as well as insight into how Stadia will actually work. It looks like we’ll get those answers on June 7, when they’ll host a ‘Stadia Connect’ stream promising all these details.

You can watch the stream here when it goes live on June 7 at 12m (Singapore time). 

Google has been revving up excitement for this strange new gaming platform they’re cooking up. The reveal comes just a few days ahead of E3, before the game industry explodes with a flurry of news and announcements. As the hot new player on the scene, it looks like they want to get an early jump on things before E3 regulars drown them out.

Meanwhile, mobile competitor Apple is also starting to warm up for the great gaming race. They’ve recently announced PS4 and Xbox One controller support for tvOS 13, setting the ground for the arrival of the equally mysterious Apple Arcade subscription service.

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