Google Australia Releases LEGO Simulator for Chrome

Ever thought LEGO bricks to be too expensive? We do, and perhaps the minds from Google Australia do too.

To celebrate 50 years of bricks in Australia, LEGO has tied-in with Google Australia and released the  “Build with Chrome” Chrome-compatible simulator. As a simplified version of LEGO’s own free LEGO Digital Designer, you can build your dream LEGO structure of up to 1000 bricks of various shapes and colours through the power of the Internet Browser.

It currently only displays the landmasses of Australia and New Zealand in Google Maps style, amounting to 8 million play-plots, but that shouldn’t stop you from starting your own creations. You’ll probably need an existing copy of Google Chrome, available from Google as a free download, because my other browsers seemed to have trouble with the builder.

Build with Chrome (May require Chrome) [via Gizmodo]