Goat of Duty is exactly what it says on the box

Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh or be impressed at what the human race has come to.

I mean, our forefathers explored continents, built impeccable structures and pushed the very boundaries of human knowledge in their time. And yet here we are, playing Call of Duty… with goats.

Okay, fine. I’ll admit Goat of Duty is downright hilarious, but that’s hardly the point.

Ever since Goat Simulator ran away with the Internet’s hearts (and our very definitions of logic) in 2014, it seems goats have become the go-to animal for nearly every over-the-top gaming concept.

In Goat of Duty, players engage in multiplayer deathmatches using goats with more firepower than a nuke. Rocket launchers, saw blades, grenades and of course, the quintessential headbutt, are all part of the arsenal. Just go with whatever floats your goat.

Objectively speaking, the game seems pretty well-made. The graphics look smooth and the explosions are satisfying, so they’ve checked those boxes off the Call of Duty list. That being said, I’m pretty sure explosions and gibbing are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re keen on trying out this wacky multiplayer shooter, a closed beta session starts today, lasting all the way till May 13. Interested parties can register via the game’s Discord server.

goat of duty - goatstumes

Images: Raiser Games

Kenneth Ang

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