Get Midnight Club 2 for joining Rockstar Games group on Steam

Stop! Don’t click that “buy” button! Rockstar Games is offering a free copy of Midnight Club 2 to everyone who joins them on their Steam group by 1am, Wednesday (local time).

Successful applicants(?) who are now part of the group will get their copy of the Windows-only 2003 racing game by May 29th. There are several catches to this, of course. Users must not already own Midnight Club 2, although I’m sure Rockstar Games will be pleased to know you do. The copy of the game is non-giftable and users must have at least purchased a game, gift or registered one Steam-compatible retail product on Steam.

It is also worth noting that the game is not compatible with Windows 7 or Windows Vista. See what I mean when I said “catch”? (There are, of course, unofficial workarounds to this. It’s still free, y’know.)

Announcement Page [Rockstar Games Steam Group]