Gaming’s Key Developments – Quick Look

No matter one’s gender or age, it seems like gaming is a popular hobby. The look of gaming has seen significant changes over the years in how games are played and what they are played on. As the activity has evolved into what we know today, there have been some significant highlights along the way.

Early Games

The first video games were played in video arcades. One of the earliest games was Pong, released in 1972. The game was simple in design and concept and soared in popularity. Paddles were used to help launch a ball across the screen. Eventually, people started wanting to be able to play at home rather than go to an arcade. This led to the development of gaming consoles.

Development of Mobile Gaming

The devices on which games are played have changes a lot over the years. Today, mobile phones are the most used devices for gaming, even over traditional gaming consoles. With more people using mobile phones, various online casinos, including online casinos in New Zealand, saw a way to make their games even more accessible. They began to develop mobile casinos that provided casino games that were compatible with these devices. Now, people can play their favourite casino game on the go. Games include table games or slot machines. Players can choose to play for real money or for free.


A recent development in the gaming world includes cutting edge equipments such as Microsoft’s HoloLens. This is basically a headset with a holographic computer built in to it that lets gamers interact with holograms. Gaming can now be enjoyed in 3D with the lens that uses voice, gestures and 3D objects. Three games are included Fragments, RoboRaid and Young Conker.

The gaming industry has seen some exciting developments over the years and will no doubt see even more in the future.


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