Gamescom 2012: Tearaway Introduces New Dimension To 3D Platformers

Sony has new IP for the Vita in the form of Tearaway. This quirky adventure game sees you frolicking through a paper world accompanied by iota, a character that looks like the lovechild of Paper Mario and the Prince from Katamari Damacy.

iota is on a journey to deliver a message to you, the player, but needs your help to get through his papery landscape.

The game plays like a 3D platformer, but makes more than full use of all of the Vita’s hardware. Players won’t just be controlling iota; they’ll also have to touch, shake, and even breathe on their Vitas to affect the game world. For instance, poking the back of your Vita tears into iota’s world to help him get through an area.

“With Tearaway, we’re looking to create an adventure game with a twist, where you, the player, can literally get stuck in using all of PS Vita’s novel inputs like backtouch, tilt sensors, camera, and microphone to connect you to iota and the paper world,” wrote developers Media Molecule on their blog.

They also added that the game is still “very much an extension of the creative gaming genre, so rest assured you’ll be able to personalise and customise your world to your heart’s content.”

The best thing about this game is that unlike LittleBigPlanet, anything in Tearaway’s paper world can be recreated in the real world!

Media Molecule has included a cute link to the origami elk from the trailer.

(Source: Joystiq, Mm)