Gamescom 2012: Sony Dangles PS3 Exclusive Puppeteer

Sony also unveiled Puppeteer, another PS3 exclusive, at Gamescom.

The PlayStation Move compatible platformer takes place in “the theatre of the strange and fantastic”, where you play as Kutaro, a boy who was kidnapped by the Moon Bear King and taken to a black castle where he was turned into a puppet.

The Moon Bear King ate Kutaro’s now-wooden head in a fit of rage and threw his body away. But as a puppet boy, Kutaro couldn’t die, could he? Instead, he started using different objects to replace his missing head. Each item adopted as a head gives him different powers as he traverses the magical theatre.

Much like in a stage show, it’s the background scenery that moves, not the character. Watch the trailer to see what we mean!

This quirky game is something macabre and definitely weird, but it’s a refreshing change from the deluge of shooters that we see these days.


(Source: g4tv, YouTube)