XBL Gold Nov ’17: Tales from the Borderlands, Trackmania Turbo, and more

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The Microsoft camp may be all abuzz with the (mostly) global launch of the Xbox One X but let’s not forget to redeem our free Games with Gold for November.

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The Turing Test

First-Person Puzzler
by: Bulkhead Interactive
for: Xbox One
*Until 15 Nov.

Don’t worry, your Xbox isn’t about to turn into GlaDOS (yet), though the Portal games were a clear inspiration for The Turing Test. Fill the boots of International Space Agency engineer Ava Turing as you delve within the icy core of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, solving puzzles with your handy Energy Manipulation Tool. It also promises to engage your brain with a story on human morality and control, considering how AI is involved. No word on potato batteries, though.

NiGHTS into Dreams

by: Sonic Team / Sega
for: Xbox One, Xbox 360
*Until 15 Nov.

Go on a major blast to the past with NiGHTS into Dreams, an action video game from 1996. It was originally developed for the Sega Saturn by the same veterans behind the Sonic games, which is why it sports a similar premise: save Nightopia by gathering orbs to unlock stolen emotions, so you may battle Wizeman the Wicked and his minions. This is no mere repackage, though, for NiGHTS went on to become a lasting hit among critics and players.

Trackmania Turbo

by: Nadeo / Ubisoft
for: Xbox One
*Until 30 Nov.

After spending a few years with handhelds, the Trackmania series returns to home console with Trackmania Turbo. Sporting more than 200 winding, looping, and stunt-friendly tracks across four different environments –and that’s not counting the player-made tracks. There’s also a fun Double Driver mode where two players control the same vehicle, like a driving lesson gone terribly wrong.

16 Nov. onwards

Deadfall Adventures

by: The Farm 51 / Nordic Games
for: Xbox 360
Until 30 Nov.

Dive into Mayan ruins and Egyptian temples as a true-blue treasure hunter, off in search of ancient artifacts. The first-person adventure is set in 1938, World War II, and requires players to use both their guts and intellect as they solve puzzles, circumvent traps, and fend off the supernatural. Perhaps he mentored Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, because those creatures are downright otherworldly.

Tales from the Borderlands (Complete Season)

Graphic Adventure
by: Telltale Games
for: Xbox One
*Until 15 Dec.

The last game on the list also happens to be one of Telltale Games’ best achievements, fleshing out the world of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands in a way that respects both the source material and Telltale’s format. It also helps that the whole thing is steeped in comedy, stepping away from the slew of dramas before it. The Complete Season contains all five episodes and enough explosions to worry Michael Bay.


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