Who Are The FGC's Shens?

Shen Chan? Shen Yuan? The coincidences of these names have certainly raised questions in the FGC. Are they related to one another? If they are, why don’t they look alike? If you’ve always wondered about the origins of the Singapore ‘Shen’ name, find out with us!

Samuel ‘Shen Ou’ Ong related this story to us:

“There was one time when Shen Rii, Raymus and Farpenoodle went to Japan together. Farp’s Chinese name is Yu Sheng, but when they bought the plane tickets, the agency got it wrong and put his name in as Sheng Yu. That made two Shens – Shen Yu and Shen Rii, and we were like, okay, what if everyone has a Shen name based on their Chinese names?

Raymus’s Chinese name was Jing Yuan, and he initially became Shen Jing Bing. That means crazy in Mandarin. And from there we decided – it was a fun idea, everyone needed their Shen names!”

There are currently five Shens in the Singapore FGC, though only four remain active. Shen Yuan and Shen Chan, are the Double Dragons that international FGCers have every right to be afraid of. Shen Yu is our technical guy who handles nearly every local stream despite him not living in Singapore, and Shen Ou just keeps them all from killing each other.

In spite of their common names, the answer was a big, resounding ‘no, absolutely not’ when quizzed if all Shens were on par with each other in terms of their gaming abilities. Nonetheless, the Shens work very well together, as a band of brothers should.

Shen Yuan and Shen Chan would kill each other without Shen Ou around to break fights up.  Shen Ou would probably never leave Singapore without his travelling buddies. And Shen Yu, well, without him, they’d never have any streams.

And in case you’re wondering – no, they’re not welcoming any new Shens into their folds.


(Photo: Samuel ‘Shen Ou’ Ong)