Watch Blizzard’s latest Battle for Azeroth “Old Soldier” cinematic

Battle for Azeroth 03/08/18 01

Fresh off the back of the horrifying conclusion of Blizzard’s latest animated short, Warbringers: Sylvanas. Blizzard is back at it again with the “Old Soldier” cinematic. Barely giving us any time to recover, we now get a pre-rendered cinematic featuring none other than the grizzled Orc veteran of countless wars. Varok Saurfang. Watch the newest Battle for Azeroth cinematic below.

Blizzard has always made amazing cinematic, and this is no different. Compared to the first cinematic trailer for Battle for Azeroth, “Old Soldier” is remarkably tame in the action department but it doesn’t make this cinematic is any less impactful.

Battle for Azeroth 03/08/18 03

We see the struggles and pain of Saurfang with what the Horde has become and what he had seen and done. The struggle makes compelling storytelling and excellent character development. However, to devote 6 minutes of pre-rendered cinematic to a single character might be a hint from Blizzard. Perhaps Saurfang will have a much larger role in the upcoming Battle for Azeroth? Maybe the next Warbringers will feature Saurfang? We have to wait just a little more to find out.

Battle for Azeroth 03/08/18 02

Battle for Azeroth will launch globally 14 August.

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