Valve Sets The Zombies Loose, Makes Left 4 Dead 2 Free For A Day

Is your christmas too white? Valve’s little 24-hour promotion will fix that. Co-op zombie FPS romp Left 4 Dead 2 is now free for a day.

Deck the halls blood red with the full game, yours to keep. Left 4 Dead 2, Windows PC and Mac compatible, comprises of multiplayer and single-player action across five game types over its five original levels, as well as all its downloadable level expansions, the crossover level, and those from the original Left 4 Dead. Then pack your gaming experience with even more fan-made content off Steam Workshop.

Oh, just go and grab it already. This promotion ends at 2am, Singapore Time. Don’t forget everything else Steam is offering up over their Holiday sale, which ends 3rd January.