The Blackwell Epiphany Ready to Go Come 24 April

The fifth and final installment in Wadjet Eye Games’ long-running adventure series will soon be here. The Blackwell Epiphany sees the titular Rosa Blackwell and her spirit guide, Joey Mallone, hit the streets of New York once again to literally save lost souls.

This marks the end of a seven-year series for creator Dave Gilbert, so rest assured it’ll get a worthy ending. He teases that Rosa and Joey’s work “comes at a high price” and that they’ll “learn just how high that price is.” A foreboding set of phrases if I ever saw one.

It won’t be the last we hear of adventure games from Wadjet Eye, of course. This will be the beginning of even larger projects as they look into building their own engine to work with, instead of using third-party solutions.

Fans may pre-order The Blackwell Epiphany now at US$14.99 (approximately SG$19) which will grant them a DRM-free download as well as a Steam key and a bunch of bonus videos. If it’s the older games you’re looking for then try Steam, GOG or their website.

The series is only on PC thus far but Apple users need not despair, for it’ll break into the iOS market later this spring.

Source: Press Release

Ade Putra

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