TGX 2012: Reversal Studios Reveal Monster-Based Facebook RPG

Reversal Studios’ Monsters Fight Back is a Facebook game that takes a cue from its company name.

Role reversal is key in Monsters Fight Back. Users will find themselves playing as monsters instead of falling into their usual fantastical hero roles of human warrior, elf archer, orc barbarian, and the like.

“We wanted to do away with the idea of humans going after monsters,” developers Reversal Studios told us.

“In essence, we wanted to do something not many other Facebook game (developers) will be doing,” director Choong Yee added. While Monsters Fight Back will run on ‘energy’ like most Facebook games, it is a fully fledged RPG on its own.

Players start with a party of three monsters with customisable stats, and begin life roving around the surrounding area. You’ll also be able to go on quests that presumably contribute to a main storyline.

Reversal Studios kept mum when asked what the story might entail; we’re looking forward to more news on that! There’s also a cosmetic ‘home’ area that you can decorate to your heart’s content. Like most Facebook games, the game will run on a freemium model.

Monsters Fight Back will be available for play once it hits its open beta stage. Keep up to date with the game on its Facebook page!