TGX 2012: Miner Mite Brings New Depth To Facebook Gaming

Ixora Studios’ Facebook game Miner Mite was one of the cuter offerings over at the Games Solution Centre’s showcase in The Games eXpo over the weekend.

The Facebook game sets itself apart from others by not running on energy. Gameplay in Miner Mite is virtually limitless as you move your miner across the screen with your mouse.

The aim is to pick up falling ore and minerals with your miner, and to line them up so the same colour groups can get blasted for points. Doing so earns you silver coins, which can be used to purchase new miners or simple items.

New miners, or buddies, each have their own unique trait. It could be anything from prolonging the length of your game to having minerals of similar colours drop more frequently.

Miner Mite also has a premium currency in the form of gold coins. They’re earned through social features such as successfully inviting friends to the game, and can also be purchased via Facebook credits. Think of them as a fast track to higher levels or more powerful items.

The game is currently under development now, but its basic mechanic can be experienced on Facebook.