StarCrawlers is 62% funded in 8 days

In just 8 days, the upcoming game by Juggernaut Games, StarCrawlers, has managed to accumulate $40,640 in pledges and 1,382 backers on Kickstarter.

In the game, you will be leading a crew of Crawlers. Each Crawler has their own unique skills and you can customize their class and modify them. There are four initial classes available – The Cyber Ninja, The Hacker, The Soldier and The Void Psyker.

cyber ninja

The Cyber Ninja is a very efficient killing machine and is able to evade enemy strikes.

However, The Cyber Ninja is very vulnerable to counter-attacks.





The Hacker lacks damage attacks, but are great at, well, hacking. They are useful in disarming traps and accessing security terminals.





The Soldier is intimidating and inflicts very high damage.

The Soldier is also bad at meeting locals, though – he intimidates them too much.


void psyker


The Void Psyker is, in my opinion, the most interesting class. As its name suggests, The Void Psyker is a psychic-type. It can unleash great psychic energy that destroys foes. However, tapping into The Void is like a wild card – it might backfire and cause a lot of damage to yourself.



With your Crawlers, you will take on jobs to explore the universe, battle enemies and “unravel corporate intrigue”. You will get to explore abandoned spaceships, find data, disable traps and encounter hidden areas, random generated and upgradeable loot and enemies.

According to its Kickstarter page, StarCrawlers has a narrative artificial intelligence (AI) that generates missions and dungeons with randomized encounters, traps and enemies. The game is a strategic RPG (role-playing game) featuring a time unit action system.

The game will support PC, Mac and Linux.

If you pledge $13 and in the next 22 days, you will be able to receive special rewards. For more information on these rewards (some of them are really cool – you get to design bots, create missions, become an NPC, and even work with the team to design weaponry!), visit StarCrawler’s Kickstarter page.

Source: Kickstarter – StarCrawler