Rope in friends for Heroes of the Storm and get rewarded

Players will now have an easier time bolstering their Heroes of the Storm teams with the new Recruit A Friend (RAF) feature, incentivized with rewards such as heroes and an exclusive mount.

The process is straight-forward: all Veterans have to do is to invite their friends through a unique link. Recruits must be level 5 or lower to be eligible, and they will only receive rewards if they play on the same game region as the Veteran.

Recruits get Raynor and a 5-Day Stimpack (earn an additional 100% experience and 150% gold for each match completed) simply for logging in. They can then use that bonus momentum to zoom along and hit level 10, at which point they’ll get Sylvanas as well as an exclusive RAF portrait.

As for Veterans, the rewards are more of a numbers game. Raise one Level 10 Recruit and they’ll earn that same RAF portrait, but induct four Level 10 Recruits and they’ll suddenly find themselves the owner of a Vulture Hover Bike mount (Spider Mines not included).

Those Recruits are going to have to be Veterans if they want a Vulture of their own, though.

If your friends still need extra convincing, then perhaps this short by everyone’s beloved Carbot Animations might help:

Actually, just show them Carbot’s entire Heroes of the Storm playlist.

What’s curious about all this is the exclusion of Cho’gall as an extra reward. The two-headed ogre is unique in that it requires two players to control: one in-charge of abilities and the other, movement. It’s a fun way of introducing someone to Heroes of the Storm, as well as making the whole invitation angle seem far more personable.

Cho’gall was released back in November as part of a BlizzCon 2015 promotion, and the only way to get him now is by playing (and winning) with someone who already owns the hero – sort of like a happy transmittable disease. But even that is part of a limited time event, the Cho’gall Buddy Brawl, so who knows how elusive the ogres will be in the future.

In any case, the relevant links for Recruit A Friend can be found at the official page.

Ade Putra

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