RF Online revived for Southeast Asia, open beta testing now in progress

RF Online OBT Dec 2017 crop

MMORPGs of the mid-2000s hit a soft, nostalgic spot for many and some publishers, like Playpark, are actively trying to keep those memories alive. The company has recently launched an open beta phase for RF Online, a South Korean game best known for its sci-fi-fantasy themes and three-way faction PVP. To get players up to speed, they’re running a 1.5X EXP event from now till 27 December.

The “RF” here stands for Rising Force, before it was ultimately renamed and translated for overseas markets. It takes place on the distant planet of Novus, where the Bellato, Corites, and Accretian races engage in open hostilities through sword, sorcery, and mechs.

Persistent PVP is the name of the game here, and players may further their faction’s holdings by competing over the Craig Mines in scheduled Chip War battles.

RF Online also has a unique player-voted position known as the Archon, leading a select group of councilors and their represented race towards victory.

The game was a huge hit in the Philippines, prompting Playpark to update and release the client for Singapore and Malaysia as well. Unsurprisingly, the English launch has also attracted interest from players outside Southeast Asia, something the team has addressed in a Facebook post.

RF Online OBT Dec 2017

RF Online can be downloaded on the official website, going hand-in-hand with free Playpark ID accounts.

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