ReROLL: A Game Set In A Replica of Earth

PIXYUL, an independent studio found by entertainment industry veterans Julien Cuny (Head of Content for Assasin’s Creed) and Louis-Pierre Pharand (Creative Director and Head of Ubiworkshop), are hoping to have the first part of their game, ReROLL, ready for backers by mid-2015. It will be released on Windows PC.

ReROLL is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a very interesting concept – unlike other games which are set in other worlds altogether, ReROLL is set in an accurate reproduction of Earth. The digital recreation of Earth is complete with real-time weather and temperature changes that will affect gameplay.

In the game, players will have to fight off mutant threats, well, basically.

“The world, society, order, everything is going down the drain and fast. Flashing your credit card at your groceries cashier will not get you food.

To survive, you will have to develop skills that you did not need prior to this melt down.

Before being able to hunt, capture or grow your own food, you’ll have to scavenge or steal what’s around. That means constantly looking over your shoulder while doing those rounds. Because, the last thing you want is to be on the receiving end of somebody’s arrow or bullet. Worst, being chased by those weird mutants that are just getting more aggressive as days goes by.”

At the moment, the game’s creators are scanning Earth by “drone-sourcing”. PIXYUL is scanning the Earth one square kilometre at a time in order to “reproduce accurately, at scale, the whole planet and its different ecosystems, environments, countries and cities”.

The game will be deeply connected to reality through the Reality System Sync (RSS). Through RSS, even when you’re not seated in front of your computer, your character will be out and about. You can manage your character’s schedule the same way you would manage your own calendar through the Activity Tracker that can be accessed via your computer or smartphone. “Time is a very important resource in the game, combined with the skill tree system it’s also your best ally to train your character. Making sure your character is doing relevant things when you’re not playing in front of your computer is a key strategy for survival”.

Game packages are ready for purchase at ReROLL’s official website and range from $19.99 characters to $274.99 bundles. You can also help the development of ReROLL by becoming a ‘Gamer Angel‘.

Source: Official Website
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