You’ll share Red Dead Redemption 2’s world with 200 animal species

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Hunt

One of the many ways that 2010’s Red Dead Redemption outstripped its competition was its animals. The many crows, buffalo, rabbits, and accursed cougars brought the frontier to life in memorable ways, and they did it all with more than 30 animal species. For Red Dead Redemption 2, they’re jacking up that figure to 200.

Rockstar shared some creature art in their latest update, highlighting how the “diverse habitats and climates of Red Dead Redemption 2 are home to around 200 species of animals, birds and fish, all of which behave and respond to their environment in a unique way.” There’s no full list but you’ll find some lovely art for 10 of them over on said page.

Naturally, hunting is making a return to the game. New to the series is fishing, and both will be essential in gathering food and materials to survive the wilderness. These can help supplement your income but, this time, you’re going to have pay more mind to your shots.

“Make sure to pick the right gauge of rifle for the size of animal that you’re hunting, or master the use of the bow for a quiet and clean kill,” so they write.

What’s more, they’re upping the realism factor so aside from skins and select parts, you’ll have the option of harvesting meat or loading the entire carcass on your horse.

Speaking of horses, Rockstar are stuffing Red Dead Redemption 2 with 19 breeds, either captured and broken in the wild or purchased from stables. As they’ve mentioned before, you’ll have to look after your ride — food and grooming — to see improvements in performance and, eventually, bond. You bet your boots they’ll have custom horse tack too.

Swing by their new page to see those concept arts and screenshots. Otherwise, all you excitable cow-boys and -girls ought to mark 26 October on your calendars. Red Dead Redemption 2 releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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