Razer Reveals Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

Razer has posted a photograph of the Xbox 360 arcade stick they’ve sent out to closed-beta-test applicants.

The beta test was opened to the public about a year ago, though nothing concrete has come of it until now.

The stick looks remarkably like the Hori Edge, and we feel it’s surprisingly basic for something produced by Razer. But the product shown now is, of course, not the finished version, so we’re hoping for a little more. In truth, the Hori Edge looks more like what Razer would come up with.

The Hori Edge has that sleek, streamlined look long associated with Razer products. The start/select buttons are touch activated, and can be shut off during play so you won’t keep hitting them by mistake. Two strips of lights on the vertical borders of the stick indicate whether the start/select panel is activated. The glossy plastic finish does see a lot of fingerprints after a while, though. Scroll through the gallery above for some photos of it.

What do you think? Would you prefer the Razer Xbox 360 arcade stick over the Hori Fighting Edge? Or is there another fight stick that’s close to your heart?


(Source: Razer’s Facebook)