PlayStation Network games to be restricted to two consoles by Nov 18

Does your “family” have 5 PlayStation consoles, including the one “Jason” owns living somewhere in America? Well, call “Jason” and tell him the bad news. Sony has announced a change of policy on the PlayStation Network, restricting the number of account activated consoles from five, to just two.

After November 18th, game content purchased on the PlayStation Network will only be allowed to be played across two PlayStation consoles. The same treatment will go for downloaded games on the PlayStation Portable, including PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and the PSPgo. Games purchased before then will not be affected.

This is likely to combat piracy and the fraudulent sharing of games among “friends” by installing a paid title across several PlayStation consoles with the help of a single user account, although it’s also very likely to affect people who really do have 3 or more PlayStation consoles.

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