Paradise Awaits In the Next Europa Universalis IV Expansion

Take a good hard look, lads, because that’s what we’ll be conquering next. Probably? Damn all these fancy random generation – we’re losing all our coin to cartographers these days. But fear not! They say untold riches and bountiful land lie over yonder, so hoist the flags and set sail for the next Europa Universalis IV expansion. Our Conquest of Paradise begins.

With just over a week remaining, Paradox Interactive has geared up for release by opening pre-orders through Steam. For a discounted US$13.49 (approximately SG$17), fans of the award-winning grand strategy series get to explore a randomized American Continent. With new lands come the new Native American nation and a host of gameplay mechanics. Take charge of a colonial nation and lead it, either to war or to liberation. The decision is yours – so too are the consequences.

The series has always looked dauntingly complex but Europa Universalis IV introduced some user interface changes to make it friendlier for beginners. This makes it a good pick amongst Paradox’s other offerings* if you’re looking for somewhere to start. It also happens to be a very recent title – EU IV released in August 2013 – which makes this expansion an awfully fast addition to their DLC roster.

*Fun fact: There are save converters (both official and fan-made) that allow you to continue from Crusader Kings II all the way to Hearts of Iron III. You’ll basically lead your nation from the Middle Ages right up to World War II in one mega-campaign!

The studio has a pre-order trailer which manages to sound inspirational and exploitative at the same time. It’s also useless at relaying information, so below is but one of their many developer diaries instead.

Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise is set to release on 14 January, 2014 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Source: Press Release

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