E3 2012: Orgarhythm Searches For Its Sweet Spot

Yet another rhythm game with Orgarhythm. 

Developed by Japanese company Neilo Inc. and soon to be published by Xseed Games, Orgarhythm has you tapping out musical, colour coded combos in order to protect your player character – a god – as it trudges through the levels. By staying in rhythm, you produce combos that give you additional troops and buffs. Battles use the rock-paper-scissors concept, with blue troops, representing water, being effective against red troops, who represent fire. The yellow troops represent earth.

Unlike similar games out there in the market, Orgarhythm utilises your typical RTS’s isometric camera angle, which gives it a more serious first impression than a game like Patapon would. It actually looks like an old RTS game, which makes you wonder why the devs didn’t utilise the graphical capabilities of the Vita.

This quirky genre combo of a game includes different multiplayer modes, where you can either play levels cooperatively with a friend, or go head-on with one another.

The Japanese have always been known for their insane yet completely playable – addictive, even – games. Orgarhythm is scheduled to ship this summer, with 12 stages available at launch, and more DLC being planned for. We’ve heard that there are even plans for users to add their own custom songs!

We still think Theatrhythm is a better name than Orgarhythm, though… the latter sounds too kinky.