Nation vs. Nation Combat in Next World of Tanks Update

After several months, Wargaming has delivered. Update 8.11 for World of Tanks will finally see their nation combat mode, Confrontation, added to the free-to-play MMO.

In Confrontation, players with vehicles from one nation will go against a team of comparable vehicles from another. The game mode only works for tech trees with full vehicle type representation, so Japanese and Chinese ones won’t be able to participate for now. It’ll be an opt-in game mode under settings, similar to Encounter and Assault battles, although how Wargaming tackled balance remains a mystery until the test servers go live.

Elsewhere, Tier X tank destroyers have been nerfed, having their alpha damage reduced by 100 amongst other things. Battle chat will get a toggle and history, camouflage and emblems can be freely swapped around, and a host of tweaks to the user interface have been introduced.

Windstorm (pictured) is the only new map, with older ones getting revamped instead. No new vehicles will be introduced.

We don’t have an estimate of when 8.11 will arrive but test servers should go live shortly. All I want to see now is a team of Hellcats.

Here’s a reminder for current Southeast Asia players that the Chinese New Year Special begins tomorrow, offering 50% garage slot discounts and increased crew experience alongside new combat missions. Additionally, the TanksAsia Masters Season 2 finals will conclude in Taipei soon – will we see Insidious Gaming go against PVP Super Friends for the trophy once again?

Source: Press Release, World of Tanks Asia

Ade Putra

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