First Look: Wargaming's World of Warships

Wargaming – the company behind World of Tanks – has released the first screenshots of its naval MMO action game World of Warships.

While the screenshots are mostly of single ships, one does reveal an overhead aerial view of the battle. Could that be a possible camera angle for actual gameplay? While an aerial overview would be helpful, it would certainly dampen the excitement of naval battles – especially since we’ve been spoiled to death by the epic in-your-face experience Ubisoft gave us in Assassin’s Creed III.

At a press conference last month in the United Kingdom, Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi said that at least one map will be of the open sea. However he added that they were, after all, making a computer game.

“We have to make certain artificial things sometimes to make it more enjoyable,” he explained, citing World of Warplanes as an example. “In World of Warplanes, we bring the combat a little closer to the ground and add in big canyons and hills and clouds to hide in.

“For World of Warships, of course, we’ll be doing islands,” he continued. “There will also be river mouths, maybe some bays.” Victor finished off by adding that players might even see “huge alien ships that will land in the water, just to make the game more enjoyable,” but we’re sure he’s trolling us.

Or is he? You can scroll through the gallery above for the rest of the screengrabs.

Wargaming will be present at the upcoming gaming expo Licence2Play 2012, held at Marina Bay Sands’ convention centre from Dec 7 to 9. Fans will be able to check World of Warships and the upcoming World of Warplanes out at their booth.