Hack Jurassic Park's System

Who could ever forget Jurassic Park – both the book and the movie? Remember the part where they try to hack into the Jurassic Park system from Nedry’s computer?

Think you could have done it better than that guy?

Well, now you get to have a shot at hacking Jurassic Park’s system! You will be presented with an exact replica of the Jurassic Park system from the movie, and given a chance to hack into the system.

If you fail, you will be presented with the annoying “Uh-uh-uh, you didn’t say the magic word!” page that makes you want to punch Dennis Nedry:

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 4.23.25 pm
If you get the correct code(s), you will get cute little surprises, including a picture of Nedry’s zebra girl screen saver (*ahem*display zebraGirl.jpg*ahem*).

Go ahead and try it out – it is worth the few minutes you will spend on it!

Source: Jurassic Park System