(Updated) Gravity Rush 2 launches on 18 Jan, free side story DLC

Gravity Rush 2 is coming to Singapore on 18 January 2017, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation 4 exclusive is tagged with a suggested retail price of $72.90 for the Standard Edition and $82.90 $80.90 (pricing updated) for the Limited Edition.

Developed by SIE Japan Studio, Gravity Rush 2 resumes Kat’s journey to learn about her origin, accompanied by fellow shifter Raven and their power-bestowing sidekicks, a cat and a crow (see what they did there). They’ll run into an enormous gravity storm, encounter a different breed of enemies, and wield their gravity manipulating abilities in whole new ways.



The Limited Edition for Gravity Rush 2 contains the game, an original animation, a director’s edition soundtrack, and a ‘White Kat’ in-game costume. It’ll be available in both physical and digital forms.

It doesn’t stop there. A free DLC titled Another Story – Raven’s Choice will be available for all Gravity Rush 2 owners in March 2017. It focuses on Raven’s solo rescue of the Lost Children trapped inside the Ark, granting fans their first opportunity to play as the character.

The series is a major tonal shift for designer and creative director Keiichiro Toyama, who made his mark creating survival horror games such as Silent Hill and Siren. In a video interview with the excellent toco toco tv channel, Toyama traces the inspiration for Gravity Rush to graphic novels such as The Incal, which had scenes where characters fall indefinitely.

Gravity Rush Remastered launched earlier this year for the PS4 and was later offered for free as part of the PlayStation Plus program. Definitely give the game a shot if you haven’t before, or if it’s been some time since you played the original on PS Vita.


Ade Putra

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