Gravity Rush 2 services go offline on 19 January 2018

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The online service for Gravity Rush 2 ends on 19 January 2018, just a day after the game’s first anniversary. The bittersweet announcement comes from the Gravity Rush Service Team, who thanked avid players and fans for their support.

While upsetting, the news isn’t unexpected since Gravity Rush 2 is a single-player title. The online features were a fun add-on to help extend the product’s lifespan and inject some community buzz. While not essential to the core gameplay, there still are items such as emotes and costumes locked as online rewards.

To address that, the developers have increased the amounts of Dusty Tokens received in online activities such as Photo Check, Treasure Hunt, and Challenge Missions. The following strongly suggests that they won’t be releasing a free DLC that unlocks said content:

“You will not be able to get any more tokens once service ends so make sure you get your hands on some rewards while you still can.”

It’s probably to recognize the efforts put in by their early supporters but the notion of lost content, even cosmetic ones, stings for patient gamers and late-comers.

Here’s the full list of affected services:

  • Sending or receiving challenges
  • Viewing leaderboards
  • Sending or receiving Treasure Hints
  • Receiving, posting, reviewing Photos
  • Obtaining Dusty Tokens and associated rewards

Gravity Rush 2 is a charming adventure with “enchanting art and music” – we loved it in our review. Lest anyone forget, they have a crossover with NieR: Automata and a free story DLC starring Raven, one of the side characters.

Here’s composer Kohei Tanaka working his magic:

Gravity Rush 2 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.


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