Gears of War 4 update brings new content and multi-GPU support

New content has dropped for The Coalition’s Gears of War 4 with the May Update. Available now for PC and Xbox One, players will receive two additional maps, a revived hero for multiplayer, and support for multi-GPU set-ups in Windows 10.

On maps, the developer has created Dawn and an updated version of Gears of War 2’s Security.

“Set in a stunning Outsider village built around an abandoned mining colony, Dawn is a map defined by two defensive structures – the high ground of the bar, and the entrenched mine on the low side. Prepare for a new kind of fight centered around the vital Dropshot spawn, as it’s surrounded by both high and low flanks and features a risk-it-all one-way vault to secure the weapon.

This map combines tight corridors of combat with open spaces – learn to use the right weapon for the right situations on this map and you’ll truly become a master of Dawn.”

“This new reimagined setting for Security takes you to a fight over a glorious decadent COG depository, with stacks of gold bars providing makeshift cover throughout the map. Defensive lasers bar access to key parts of the map, so prepare for a tough fight for the button that disables the lasers to give your team control over the flow of combat.”

The Security map had to be updated from both a graphical and gameplay standpoint, as The Coalition needed it to play nice with the new close-cover combat and other modes such as Horde and TDM. One major change lies with the security lasers, which will work differently depending on the mode played.

That isn’t the only Gears of War 2 asset being revived, either. Benjamin Carmine, the Delta Squad private who met his untimely demise in the Riftworm, is now redeemable as part of a Gear Pack. The difference here is that he’s missing quite a good bit of his innards, going by the name “Zombie Ben Carmine” instead.

Last on the list of highlighted changes is multi-GPU support for Windows 10. There’s an official post to get players up and running, though it should be noted that systems with more than two GPUs will not see additional improvements. They also caution that running at 4K resolution or using Ultra quality shadows may cause stuttering or slowdown should it exceed PCIe bandwidths. Players may use the in-game benchmark tool to check if they’ll see any performance benefits.

Other tweaks that caught our eye are Competitive Gnasher rolling back to its pre-April Update settings, Feral Horde being added, Ranked Lobby seeing “general improvements”, and a strafe-related movement bug getting fixed.

Users on the official forum report download sizes as 5.8GB on Xbox One and 9.67GB on PC.

Ade Putra

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