"GayStation" Auction Ends August 3

In celebration of Sweden’s pride week, electronic retailer Webhallen is auctioning off a 500GB “GayStation”. Yesterday’s highest bid was 17,200 Swedish krona (approx. S$3,126).

For many young people, the world of games will become a refuge to escape the taunting or worse of real life. On Webhallen, we are gamers in heart and mind, and are keen that as many as possible have the opportunity to feel welcome and enjoy the world’s largest and fastest growing interest: video games. (…) #thisisforthegaymers

Webhallen (translated by Joystiq via CVG).

100 percent of the auction’s earnings will be given to the RFSL Newcomers.
RFSL describes itself as a “network for LGBTQ refugees and LGBTQ migrants who have fled persecution based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression (…) also a network for LGBTQ persons who have just moved to or already in Sweden because of other reasons.”