Flappy Bird on your nerves? Try Squishy Bird!

With over 3,077 ratings on the App Store and an amazing 292,245 reviews on the Google Play, Flappy Bird has been the must-have on everyone’s smartphone. Even though many despise the game for its difficulty level, they just cannot put the game down because it is just too addictive (check out the hilarious 5-star reviews on the App Store).


The game is simple to play and easy to master, and gets on the nerve of everyone.

Well, to those who have got Flappy Bird on their very last nerve, fret not! Here comes Squishy Bird!

A sadistic parody of the original Flappy Bird, Squishy Bird is all about, well, squishing the bird. It is a browser game and can  be played via your computer or your smartphone. Simply press (or click) to send the pipes smashing down on the squishy birds flying by.

Go ahead – give it a try and release all that pent up “STUPID FLAPPY BIRD I HATE YOU” energy.