FIFA 18 demo out now, two weeks till launch

fifa 18 gameplay ronaldo

The demo for EA Sports’ FIFA 18 is now online. Available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the 7.4GB download grants players one final preview of the game before its global release on 29 September.

Graphical improvements are a core part of annual sports updates, so for FIFA 18 the developers decided to tackle player motion. Real Player Motion Technology promises better visual feedback, variety, and responsiveness, and apparently enables the team to better recreate the likeness of football legends such as Christiano Ronaldo, such that his sprint would be easily recognizable on-screen.

Fans of the dramatized story mode can also look forward to a second season of The Journey, featuring the player-led superstar Alex Hunter. Where FIFA 17 focused on his sweep through the Premiere League, this year sees our protagonist scoring opportunities to play with some of the world’s largest football clubs.

Competitive players will likely be more interested in the changes to dribbling, where the ball is now affected by distance and friction, as well as updates to AI teammate behavior and tactics.

We’ve got direct demo links for the various stores below:

FIFA 18 is also coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Switch, although the single-player mode won’t be included for the handheld.

Edit (14 September): Corrected release date for Singapore.

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