E3 2017: BattleTech briefly reveals some campaign content

Harebrained Schemes and Jordan Weisman, the creator of BattleTech and MechWarrior, appeared on E3’s PC Gaming Show to give an updated look at BattleTech.

The turn-based strategy game, itself a direct adaptation of the tabletop version, will have three playable modes: an open-ended mercenary campaign, single-player skirmish, and multiplayer skirmish.

The presentation focused on the campaign, giving us a peek at the Argo command ship. From here, players will be able to travel between star systems and accept jobs from a variety of clients, whether it’s one of the noble houses or a warlord.

Other activities available aboard the Argo include upgrading the ship and managing both the crew and the BattleMechs, the latter involving a trip down to everyone’s favorite non-combat section: the Mechbay.

Given the game’s place in the timeline – BattleTech takes place during the year 3025 – war has essentially rendered technology scarce, with Mechs high up on the rarity list. To acquire new parts, players will have to resort to battlefield salvage, going as far as to target specifc enemy Mechs and their limbs for certain weapon systems.

The session ended with some gameplay footage, with the developers stressing that BattleTech isn’t quite like other turn-based tactical games. The crux of the issue is that the series doesn’t use hit points but a system involving armor plating and the fragile nuclear core reactor underneath, making a Mech’s position and facing an important aspect of combat. Players will also need to be consscious of overheating.

BattleTech is now in closed beta for backers.

Ade Putra

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