E3 2012: New Old-School Final Fantasy to be Ported to iOS and Android

A couple of years back, Square Enix released an episodic Final Fantasy for mobile phones in Japan. Obviously us non-Japanese heathens weren’t privy to it then, but we’re happy to say that Square Enix will finally be localising the game for an iOS and Android port come July!

And that’s not the best part.

It’s not just any old Final Fantasy that will come to your phones and tablets. FF Dimensions looks just like the old-school Final Fantasies we grew up on. Think active-time battles, red/black/white mages, and cataclysmic world-shattering events that you’ve got to stop.

There’ll be eight main characters, with half making up the Warriors of Light, and the other half making up the Warriors of Darkness. You can read more on the storyline at the Final Fantasy Wiki and watch a gameplay video below.

As you can see from the vid (courtesy of IGN), movement and selections are done entirely on the touchscreen. While that will no doubt be a different experience from gamepads and GameBoys, especially for people who prefer buttons to touchscreens (like me), we think playing this old-school FF will more than make up for it.

(Photo: Final Fantasy Wiki)