Doctor Who is on Steam

Whovians, brace yourselves for some wonderful news! Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is available on Steam for $19.99, on Windows PC and Mac. It is on discount at the moment, though!

Play as The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams through state-of-the-art Rotoscope techniques.


The game is inclusive of five episodes that were written by Phil Ford and James Moran. Every episode features at least one of the series’ villains – Daleks, Cybermen and/or Vashta Nerada.

Episode 1: City of the Daleks
The Doctor and Amy arrive in Trafalgar Square, London, in 1963. The city is under control of the Daleks. A woman, Sylvia, leads them into the London Underground. In the end, Sylvia is killed by the Daleks.

Episode 2: Blood of the Cybermen
A worker at an Arctic base, Chisholm flees from the base on a Snowmobile where he finds a Cyberman arm. He falls off the cliff and gets injured. That is where The Doctor comes in, and they try to rescue Chrisholm by using the TARDIS.

Episode 3: TARDIS
The Doctor and Amy are in the TARDIS, when it enters a “space riptide”. The Doctor is then thrown out of the doors and into space.

Episode 4: Shadows of the Nastha Nerada
Doctor Who and Amy are stalked through the underwater city by Zaralok. They make their way through a series of tunnels, one of which was destroyed by the Zaralok, making it seemingly impossible for The Doctor and Amy to read the TARDIS.

Episode 5: The Gunpowder Plot
The TARDIS collides with an alien ship, creating a dimensional lesion that links the TARDIS to another planet. While The Doctor works on a device to close the lesions in the TARDIS, Amy and Rory realise that they are in the time of the Gunpower Plot and of “Lady Winters”.

Individual chapters of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games are free to download for U.K. residents via the official Doctor Who website, which was released in 2010.