Disney Crossy Road launches in SEA with real-time multiplayer

Mobile game publisher goGame has announced the launch of Disney Crossy Road for iOS and Android devices in Southeast Asia. The SEGA subsidiary, which got its start right here in Singapore, states that they’ve added a real-time multiplayer component for players to compete against friends and strangers, a feature that is currently exclusive to the region.

The multiplayer mode supports up to six players, with each person competing to be the top coin collector. Players respawn momentarily after being hit and each match lasts exactly three minutes. There are options to either quickly jump into a session or to set up a private, pin-protected lobby, with a maximum of 100 in-game coins to be collected each day. Wrapping up the social aspect of it are weekly leaderboards, which is also great for seeing who else plays the game.

Hipster Whale’s Crossy Road captured our hearts when it debuted on Android in early 2015. The Frogger inspired hit populated its randomized streets and rivers with an assortment of playable characters, some of whom thematically altered the levels too. The developers also did an exemplary job with its approach to opt-in advertising and in-game gacha currency, key points in free-to-play mobile games.

As you’d imagine, Disney Crossy Road is a branded version of the game, replacing frogs, chickens, and vampires with the massive IPs of Disney and Pixar combined. We’re talking not only Mickey & Friends but also the likes of Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Finding Dory, and much more.

goGame notes that there are more than 300 Disney and Pixar figurines to collect, hopping about in at least 19 Disney-themed worlds. There will also be missions for players to earn rewards.

We’re perfectly okay with this as it smartly leverages an already great, character-driven title rather than building one from scratch – and core gamers know how poor some licensed games turn out. For Disney die-hards, it’s likely a great complement to the Tsum Tsum puzzle game. They’ll probably want to keep a closer eye on goGame as a whole, too, as the publisher is working on another three titles as part of their brand deal.

You can download Disney Cross Road from the App Store or Google play now.

Ade Putra

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