Countdown to the Chinese New Year with MapleSEA Events

Change is happening.  As part of ongoing updates to MapleSEA, three characters will find themselves the center of attention. Japanese warriors Hayato and Kanna unlock their Hyper Skills only to be immediately tested by the Demon King, whilst pirate ZEN continues on his quest for vengeance. Join them and hundreds of other players in activities leading up to Chinese New Year. Who knows, you just might win a trip to Japan for it.

Hyper Skills for our two Sengoku warriors have been available since 8 January. A list of what each one does and its respective level requirement can be found at the MapleSEA site (click on either scroll bearing their names). The current event is also related, where players have to defeat the infamous Oda Nobunaga in the Sengoku Principal’s Office.

On the other hand, ZEN’s return only begins on 5 February and runs until 13 February. Players without his character should create one then, as it nets you higher chances of winning the Hyper Giveway Draw. A pair of tickets to Japan is on the line and since every player is automatically entered by logging in, any advantage counts!

More events will be lined up over the coming weeks so do keep tabs on the official site or their Facebook page.

Now can someone please explain to me why the principal’s office has desks and a chalkboard? Nobunaga also helped unify Japan; maybe he’s just misunderstood.


Source: Press Release

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