Closed Beta for Kingdom Under Fire II in May [Updated]

It seems the full release isn’t within our grasp just yet. MMOG.Asia has announced that the servers for Kingdom Under Fire II will be open for a round of closed beta testing on 6 to 9 May. It’ll only be open from 3PM to 11PM (SGT) on these dates so plan ahead if you’d like some of this hack-and-slash action.

If you participated in the Experience Beta Test previously then you’re going to need a new client. Downloads are available over on the official site, eating up approximately 7GB of disk space.

Please note that this is only available for those in Singapore and Malaysia. MMOG.Asia does not have the license to distribute the game elsewhere, so folks in other regions are going to have to wait! Those from the Philippines can head here instead for your own CBT in a few days’ time.

That said, we’re unsure whether characters from the EBT will carry over (never a certainty when it comes to beta testing), or whether this actually is a closed beta at all. The client download isn’t restricted behind a beta key so it may be open to all, though we’ve emailed them to clarify.

There’s still something called the “April surprise” which we’ve been told to stay tuned for. Expect an update within the next seven days.

Update • 23 April, 12:15AM

We’ve received confirmation that anyone in Singapore and Malaysia will be able to download and play the upcoming Closed Beta Test – no key is required. Also, EBT characters have all been wiped, as will the coming CBT. Sounds like a good opportunity to try out some other class!

Ade Putra

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