Civilization VI lets you build custom cities and boost research speeds

2K and Firaxis Games have not only announced the existence of Sid Meir’s Civilization VI but that the wildly addictive turn-based strategy game will release as early as October 21, 2016.

Now in its 25th year, the Civilization series has long deluded gamers into playing for just “one more turn” when, in reality, it usually ends up being another couple of hours. It’s easy to see why, with its award-winning formula steeped in historical and geopolitical richness, spawning dozens of memes and other comedic references.

Civilization VI builds upon its predecessors by updating main elements such as exploration, city management, research, and rival AI, all of which are designed to shake up current player strategies while providing newer and deeper levels of interactivity.


“The visual presentation of the game is inspired by the maps and tools of the Age of Exploration, and we’ve made several key gameplay changes such as expansive cities and active research,” explains Ed Beach, lead designer at Firaxis Games.

Each city is now broken into multiple districts and thus, spans multiple tiles. Players will decide how to best build a city given the terrain it’s founded on, so as to take full advantage of available map resources. This shift also allows for increased visual feedback, since determining a city’s specialty will only require a glance.

As for research, the system lets players boost research speed by satisfying relevant conditions rather than purely investing in science. For example, sailing will progress faster for a coastal city than one deeper within the continent. It makes better sense and incentivises players to adapt to their starting locations.

Other changes include the rival AI leaders, who will be randomly assigned a secret trait each game, on top of the ones they’re historically remembered by. It makes them a little less predictable for future play-throughs, ensuring players better utilize their diplomatic and spy networks.

And militaristic players will be glad to hear that support units such as battering rams or anti-air guns can be linked with other units, reducing management load for larger armies.

Civilization VI can be pre-ordered now on Steam for S$74.90 if you so desire, with a $99 Digital Deluxe Edition that includes the 25th Anniversary Digital Soundtrack and a bundle discount on four post-launch DLCs.


Ade Putra

Ade thinks there's nothing quite like a good game and a snug headcrab. He grew up with HIDEO KOJIMA's Metal Gear Solid, lives for RPGs, and is waiting for light guns to make their comeback.