Chapter Two of The Alchemist Code out on 21 Dec.

the alchemist code chapter two

The Alchemist Code is getting its second chapter on 21 December 2017, released amid a slew of winter events Gumi Asia have lined up for the year-end holidays.

Chapter Two sees players thrust with a new protagonist in the kingdom of Slothstein. Edgar L. Leonheart is “a zealous sharpshooter traveling the world on his Alchemia bike with his prized gun, Betty,” setting his sights on the dangers between him and the quest to save Fiona and the world.

According to the player-run The Alchemist Code database, Edgar is a Thunder-aligned Gunner who gets to evolve into a Drifter, boasting a high physical attack stat. His leader skill boosts that stat by 20-percent for fellow Thunder-loving allies.

the alchemist code edgar in-game 2

the alchemist code edgar in-game

The mobile strategy RPG launched back in November. It takes strong cues from the much-loved Final Fantasy Tactics with its grid-based mechanics, multiple job classes, and warring kingdoms narrative (yes, there are throwing stones too). The Alchemist Code has wound up being yet another strong launch for gumi, who reports hitting the one million download milestone.

To celebrate, players who log in by 22 Dec. will receive “bonus rewards including the One Million Apple and Alkemono Mascot.” Beyond that, there’s a new quest, event, and lucky draw to sink time into, as well as an in-game secret shop, a new set of login bonuses, and discounted bundles.

Just be sure to spend in moderation.

The Alchemist Code is playable on iOS and Android.

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