Candy Crush Developers Brings Farm Heroes Saga to Mobile

King makes a lot of games. They may be known for Candy Crush Saga but the international company actually has more than 175 titles to its name. One of its Facebook creations called Farm Heroes Saga has now made its way to iOS and Android, ensuring that the match-three formula lives on.

As you might conclude from the name, Farm Heroes Saga plays similarly to its famous sibling. New gameplay elements come in the form of “rechargeable boosters” and “regular challenging ‘Boss’ battles” that involves a critter named ‘Rancid the Racoon’. With a name like that, it’s no wonder he’s unhappy.

There are over 100 levels available at launch, with synchronized progression between Facebook and mobile. According to AppData, the game is currently among the social site’s top three (the other two spots are also claimed by King), meaning Farm Heroes Saga won’t have any trouble getting players for its app.

King’s Games Guru Tommy Palm says, “We hope that its snackable nature and rewarding progression system will prove to be as much of a hit with mobile players as it has been with our Facebook fans. We look forward to welcoming new players down to the farm!”

I hope “the farm” isn’t a euphemism. In any case, interested players can download Farm Heroes Saga for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Source: Press Release

Ade Putra

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