Asiasoft Announces Ragnarok Online 2, with Immediate Closed Beta Access

We got it right. Asiasoft’s blockbuster MMO is Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second.

Announced this morning at Licence2Play 2012, the SEA version of RO2 is the world’s first English service of the sequel to Gravity Co. Ltd’s Ragnarok MMORPG franchise. It’s also the first time in Asiasoft’s history where a game launch announcement directly precedes the start of the closed beta.

RO2 – now in 3D – continues the storyline from Ragnarok Online, and has made improvements to traditional game features like the Card and Kafra systems. There are also new game highlights like the Dual Life System, Social Emotes, and the Khara system, all of which have been designed specifically for this generation of gamers.

“We at Asiasoft Online believe that Ragnarok is the biggest blockbuster gaming franchise of its time. We wanted no less than to announce Ragnarok Online 2 with a big bang at Licence2Play 2012, and to have it immediately available for all gamers to enjoy,” said Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft.

RO2’s closed beta testing will run from Dec 7th 2012 to Dec 12th 2012, with the servers open from 1100 hrs to 0200 hrs Singapore time daily. The Open Beta will start on Dec 27th 2012, and yes, you will have an option to retain your screen names for the Open beta!

The free game client can be downloaded here, and you can keep up with updates on RO2 on Facebook.