Why were there 5 versions of Street Fighter 2? Capcom’s new retrospective video explains

Capcom’s Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection launches in just a few weeks, on May 29 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (via Steam) and the Nintendo Switch.

Containing a whopping 12 Street Fighter titles, the collection is a love letter to longtime fans of the series. It’s chocked full of bonus material — an interactive timeline, concept art galleries, music archives and even character sprite art viewers.

What’s more, gamers who pre-order Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection digitally for the PS4, XB1 or on Steam (or buy the physical version from selected partner stores in the US) will also receive a free copy of Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the same platform, for a grand total of 13 Street Fighter games.

Why, that’s a ton of va-Ryu! Geddit? Value, va-Ryu… Because Ryu is in every Street Fighter game?

Image credit: The History & Evolution of Ryu (YouTube)

But that kind of offer is really only enticing if you’re a die-hard Street Fighter fan, which not everyone is. Many gamers don’t even understand why there had to be five different iterations of Street Fighter 2, or why anyone would need the ability to select from between them.

To help explain the differences between the five versions of Street Fighter 2, as well as the cultural and historical significance of these games, Capcom has put out earlier today Part 1 of its Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Retrospective Series on YouTube.

Narrated by popular fighting game esports commentator James Chen, the video also includes fun facts and trivia about the first Street Fighter game that you may have never known.

Check out the retrospective video below.

[via the official Street Fighter YouTube channel]