Gamer Assistance Programme Seems To Be Live

A chance click-about on the SCOGA website this lazy Friday afternoon had us noticing that the Gamer Assistance Programme (GAP) seems to be live.

On the GAP page, a simple two-line announcement points gamers in the direction of the GAP application form and further assistance.

Clicking on the form brings you to an extremely lengthy application – gamers who aren’t prepared to dig up information about the overseas events they’ll be attending will probably feel very daunted. The form will also require the nitty gritty details; from the event’s online streaming URLs, to the number of media outlets that will be present (Ed: That’s pretty draconian, eh?). It then goes on to ask for all possible information from interested candidates including, get this, race and religion (Ed: I do not see the necessity in stating one’s race or religion here).

Successful applicants will also have to fulfill a pre-determined set of obligations to SCOGA.

These include giving back to the community through SCOGA-organised media and cyber wellness activities. They will also be required to dedicate time to promoting the programme, and suggest ways in which they can improve their own respective gaming communities. Which is a little vague, because the page doesn’t define what a ‘community’ meant or constitutes here.

Applicants are also required to show proof/s that they have made active (but futile) efforts in securing their own funding, before turning to the GAP for assistance. Last but not least, they are also required to state how much of their winnings they’ll be willing to pledge back to GAP. Community involvement as well as the percentage cut of a winning seemed to be key indicators of a successful application – or not.

We’ll be in touch with SCOGA for further information, including details of the selection process. Check back soon!

(UPDATE: [Ed] SCOGA rightly pointed out to us that only fields marked “*” are required, and quite a few of the above fields including Race and Religion are optional – SCOGA will also make required fields more prominent)