Game Devs CyberConnect2 Have Charity Project To Support Fukuoka Disaster Victims

Japanese video game developer CyberConnect2 Co. Ltd, the same folk who make the Naruto Ultimate Ninja games, have an ongoing international charity project titled ‘Mamoru-kun Reconstruction Support Project’.

The charity project aims to support people living within the nuclear disaster zone in Japan by selling original illustrations from the Mamoru-kun Universe on gumroad, an online e-commerce service. All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Mamoru-kun is a character created by CyberConnect2 to be a mascot for the Fukuoka prefecture’s disaster preparation programme. Mamoru-kun’s face appears on programme posters, and his name is used for the prefecture’s disaster alert email service.

The most recent update to the project is its fifth release of illustrations and smartphone wallpapers, created by CyberConnect2 artists. Notable artists are the CyberConnect2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama, paper cutout artist Atsuhiro Sato, and manga assistant Akira Ohkubo.

Each piece of illustration or wallpaper costs just 100 JPY, and can be viewed here.