Free Metro Exodus, Anthem and/or Battlefield V for new GeForce RTX card buyers

Dubbed the “Triple Threat” bundle, new GeForce RTX card owners get Metro Exodus, Anthem and Battlefield V for free with the purchase of an eligible RTX 2080 Ti or 2080, or a desktop / laptop that includes that GPU. For gamers who purchased a RTX 2070 or 2060 card or a computer, you’ll get to choose one of the three titles instead.

For the moment, it looks like the offer is only available via NVIDIA’s official store in Lazada – you can check it out here.

Separately, NVIDIA has also released their latest GeForce drivers, that looks like it will improve on the RTX cards performance with Apex Legends and the upcoming Devil May Cry 5 and Tom Clancy’s Division 2.

The new GeForce 419.35 WHQL drivers fixes the pesky DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error that would crash Apex Legends for some gamers. So if you’ve been facing this issue (we haven’t) with your RTX card, get this driver now.

Aaron Yip

Aaron Yip is an industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience. When not spending time on his gaming PC and consoles, he can be found in Hyrule solving ungodly puzzles and collecting gems.