Flash.Revenant Cleans Up In StarCraft II Singapore WCS

Marcus ‘Flash.Revenant’ Tan, boy wonder of local StarCraft II, took home US$4,000 and the prestige of placing first at the first ever Singapore World Championship Series last weekend.

His win is not an unexpected one, though the Zerg player didn’t achieve his own expectation of a clean sweep.

Midway through the tournament, Revenant dropped a game to Yun Gi Chul, otherwise known as ‘Binu’. Binu, who heads newcomers Team Eehan, told us that he had been preparing his strategy against Revenant since January this year.

“I haven’t had the chance to use it up till now because I always get knocked out before meeting Revenant,” he said, referring to his performances in tournaments prior to WCS.

Binu managed to take the second game off Revenant but lost the overall bracket. He will, however, retain the infamy of being the first person in WCS to take a game off Revenant.

In spite of his less than a clean sweep, Revenant told us that he felt “great” about winning the US$4,000. He plans to save the prize money for his university education, though he would be taking a bit out of the pot to buy dinner for his team, Flash eSports. The US$4,000 is the largest prize pot he has won in his career so far.

“For this whole year, I’m satisfied (with this win),” Revenant said. He intends to take a week or two’s break from the game before deciding where he will next aim for.