First BlazBlue Tournament of 2012 in Singapore a Success

If you read our review of BBCS:EX, you might be wondering where you could indulge in this quirky anime-styled game.

Save your google-fu though, because we’re here to announce that there’s a thriving BlazBlue community in Singapore, and that they just held their first tournament of 2012 last weekend.

Said main organiser Khairi, on why he wanted to organise a BBCS:EX tourney: “I just wanted everyone to have fun with the game like we used to.”

Styled simply as a 3v3 random tournament, it was held on 17th of March at Tough Cookie Gaming Cafe – the de facto console gaming hangout in Singapore.

A total of ten teams of three signed up for the tournament, bringing the number of total participants to 30. The double-elim tournament lasted for slightly over three hours that wicked Saturday night.

But in spite of that, long-time BlazBlue player Kuni commented that their tournaments used to draw crowds of over 40 players. Yet, with the gap between their last tournament and the most recent, it was inevitable that players would drop away.

If you’d like to boost the ranks of the BlazBlue scene in Singapore, visit their friendly Facebook group, Rebel 2.

Brackets from the double-elim tourney can be found here.