FIFA 13 On Wii Is Essentially FIFA 12

Over at Nintendo Gamer, an outrageous discovery has been made on how FIFA 13 and FIFA 12 are different from each other. Not much, it seems.

FIFA 13, as most of us know, is the popular soccer video game franchise that dishes out a game on a year-by-year basis, adding new features and updating player stats. FIFA 13 has recently been released for various platforms, including the Wii. Fans who are expecting “new features” on the Wii version, however, will be disappointed.

Screenshots were taken from last year’s FIFA 12 game and this year’s FIFA 13 game, both on the Wii, and as evident from the Nintendo Gamer article, almost everything from the in-game menus to player customisations are pretty much aesthetically the same, save for the updates to team rosters. The game retails for £30 in the UK and about S$60 here.

The PS3, Xbox 360 and even the upcoming Wii U version of the game have been graced with new features such as PS Move and Kinect support and the evening-out of ball control.

You may say that this is just a game on the Wii and things are to be expected, but even the Nintendo console facing a hardware successor in a few months could be treated a little better.

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