Feb 9 to 12 Roundup: What You Missed While Eating Chinese New Year Snacks

Missed the Internet while stuffing your faces with ba kwa, pineapple tarts, and other assorted Chinese New Year goodies? Don’t worry – we’re here to fill you in with what happened over the holiday.

The My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic devs, Mane6, were slapped with a cease and desist by Hasbro, owners of the MLP property, eighteen months after they started working on the game. A post on Destructoid speculates that one reason for the cease and desist might be that Hasbro already has something along those lines in production. Then again, the MLP franchise only accidentally picked up its brony audience; it was created primarily for little girls, who aren’t quite the type to play fighting games.

Childhood staples (at least for me) Twisted Metal (PSOne) and Twisted Metal: Black (PS2) are coming to the US PSN this week, following the week’s PSN update.

A new Eeveelution was announced with the next Pokemon movie, “Extreme Speed Genesect and the Awakening of Mewtwo”. The cutesy looking Eeveelution, with the Japanese name of Ninfia, will appear in the pre-movie short called “Eevee & Friends”. Based on its colouring and design, Ninfia could possibly be a Normal/Flying or pure Flying type, though there has been speculation that Pokemon X and Y are set to introduce a new Pokemon Type.

Aliens: Colonial Marines launched to great disappointment. While it was developed by Gearbox , a lot of the work done on it was outsourced to external studios, which may be why it’s nowhere near to being a game like Borderlands. However in an interview with Games Industry International, CEO and president Randy Pitchford defended his decision to outsource, and compared the gaming industry to the film industry.

Wargaming announced its e-sports league, which will launch by the first quarter of this year, and will adopt a “traditional competitive gaming format”. This means the league will hold regular regional tournaments and playoffs that will lead up to a Grand Finals. The competitive 2013 season will have a US$2.5 million prize pool.

And finally, someone died from drinking too much Coca Cola. New Zealander Natasha Harris drank up to 10 litres of Coke a day and died in 2010, aged 30, from a cardic arrest. Findings released on Tuesday showed she wouldn’t have died if not for her dependence on Coke. Those of you who always have a soft drink by your side while gaming? Take note!

And that was what you missed out this holiday, in a nutshell.